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Temperature sensor handbook


Temperature sensor handbook

The temperature sensor is the first of the wireless networked sensor nodes in a series. They contrast with the actuators, of which the heat stick is the first.

If the history of technology can be characterized by increasing energy use, the invention of glass blowing and the alcohol thermometer would have been a good means both by which to economize the use of that energy as well as to investigate how to apply it to maximum effect.

A jeenode-agnostic tour of the principles can be found here.

As for applications to jeenodes, understanding the ports library and what it is will begin the process of understanding the jeenode ( upon which its based is more foundational reading).

More foundations from jeelabs.

The idea in outline.


Parts list:
JB Weld
Small stainless tube
keg dip tube
brake line
22 ga wire
Heat shrink tubing or electrical tape

All of these plug into a JeeNode, thus making your very own analog electronic submersible temperature sensor!

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