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Step by step procedure (if drawing water with a bucket rather than a hose)


Step by step procedure (if drawing water with a bucket rather than a hose)

this uses two heat sticks for a five gallon batch

flash the 3 jeenodes with 2 heat stick programs and 1 temperature sensor program (code coming - i lost my jeelink)

mount the corona grain mill on a plastic bucket and put a plastic water bottle on top this could also be done by balancing a two by four over a bucket and shielding crushed grain debris from falling outside the bucket

fill the keg with 6 gallons of water with a 7 gallon fermenter bucket

plug in the portable GFCI outlets and ssr-cords

mill however many pounds of grain are called for in your recipe, probably in the range of 10 lbs 2-row malt if you're experimenting

empty the grain bucket into the cotton voile bag

when the water is above the level of the heating elements (important), plug in the heat sticks into the solid state relay cords and put in the temperature sensor

when the strike temperature is reached, the you should be alerted to drop the cotton voile bag into the keg

when the mash has been held at the mash temperature for long enough, you will be alerted to remove the grain bag. allow the grain bag to hang over the keggle if you can, so it can fully drain of its sugars. it's nice if you have a composting plan for the grain

the heat sticks will boil the wort

you have to have a strategy to add hops at various times during the boil

if you have a ball valve on the keg, feel free to drain the contents into cornelius kegs, where they will cool overnight

pitch yeast the next day, checking temperature

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