Keg handbook

The two major purposes for the keg (along with others for a total of 50) are brewing beer and the electric in-vessel hot composter.

A 15.5 gallon sankey keg (a US standard) with the top cut off it makes a good boil kettle. Put a stainless steel ball valve in the bottom to easily empty it of its contents.

An auto-siphon can be used until you put in the ball valve. It attaches to a rubber hose (size?)

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Where to get a keg

Not an aluminum keg. Not a keg with a wooden plug. Not a wooden cask. A stainless steel, half-barrel, 15.5 gallon Sankey keg. Standards and all that, although standards can and must change. Sankey may not be a useful standard in Europe.

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Cutting the top off

A plasma torch or an angle grinder may be used to cut off the top of the keg. A plasma cutter is more expensive (but also more awesome) and makes quicker work of the job but it should only take 5-10 minutes with an angle grinder.

You'll probably want

Adding a ball valve

KEG weldless bulkhead kit
- Valve: Stainless 3 piece valve
- Hose barb (valve outlet): 1/2" Male NPT x 1/2" Hose - SS
- Inside the vessel fitting: Standard - coupling

KEG Bulkhead $34.00 1 $34.00

Where to get it

Video showing a ball valve install