Relay cord handbook

A 12 AWG SSR cord is made by attaching a female electrical plug and a male electrical plug to 12 AWG cord to make a complete electrical cord and then cutting into the middle of the cord, cutting the black wire (the other two are white and green) and attaching it to an SSR (solid state relay).

When you attach a JeeNode (with the 22 guage wire) to one side and attach the ends of the exposed and cut black cord from the 12 AWG cord on the other side of the solid state relay, it allows the JeeNode to turn whatever you plug into the cord on and off, according to however the JeeNode is programmed (which could be to listen to instructions from the JeeLink, and hence your home computer).

The device being turned on and off could be any 120 volt device. It could be a heat stick but it could also be a corded drill for example.