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Heat stick handbook


Heat stick handbook

Heat sticks have been used in the home brewing community for years. Correctly constructed they are safe (but pay serious caution whenever mixing electricity and water).

What makes the heat stick here different is the use of a JeeNode and SSR (along with a 12 AWG power cord, a male and a female electrical plug) to create a separate device that acts as a remote "switch" to turn the temperature actuator (heat stick) on and off according to readings gathered from the temperature sensor (thermometer).

Basically this means that a special cord is used that allows the remote (wireless) operation (turning on and off) of any device that plug into an electrical outlet. The primary application of this is to 1500 watt heating elements that heat liquids for industrial and culinary processes like home cooking or a homebrew cancer drug.

the main modification is that there's no ground nut hole, #6 ground bolt, ground nut, washer. instead you leave some exposed ground (green) wire hanging outside the fitting as in the second link above

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