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Evolve to Revolution


Evolve to Revolution

Want to beat capitalism? Or alternately, do you love capitalism but believe it has never yet been tried?

This site will teach you how to build mesh networks of sensors and actuators to automate agricultural, culinary and industrial processes. The open source arduino microcontroller and its variants are sparking a return to cottage industrialism by way of the information revolution.

As a first project make a jeenode (arduino variant) thermometer to automate some home cooking. Make fresh cheeses with a short turnaround like mozzarella, ricotta, paneer and queso blanco. Or maybe make soap--the yardstick of civilization.

Brew a better beer than you could buy at the store (because you invented it) for a lower dollar cost, with 120 volt heating elements that speak with your wireless homemade radio-enabled sensors. With three or four heat sticks and a stainless steel 15.5 gallon beer keg/keggle and you can brew 10 gallon batches of beer with ingredients of your choosing.

Grow your own soil from the waste products of capitalism, including brewery waste, coffee grounds, food waste, cardboard and wood chips aided by a naturally reproductive living ecology of bacteria and worms. A 15.5 gallon keg and some other odds and ends will speed these natural processes that already occurred long before humans existed. Hot compost coming from our DIY kickstarter for an open source electric hot composter as feedstock input to a continuous flow worm bin, sifted by worm trommel, will allow us to build aquaponics window farms using worm cast instead of expensive hydroponic nutrient solutions.

Grow your own fish and vegetables (or if you're veggie, just vegetables) using high yielding vertical farming methods, no-weeding, low-cost wormcast as a growing medium, water from rooftops and the sunlight available in your community while aligning with natural cycles.

These components, especially the:

  • Electric hot composter
  • Vermicomposter
  • Worm trommel
  • Aquaponics

allow for sustainable community development in urban environments.

Why urban? Well there already exists a rural Global Village Construction Set for one thing. I wanted an inexpensive, quiet, robust, modular set of equipment build from off-the-shelf parts that could spark an industrial and agricultural revolution inside cities, by freeing up peoples' time from what they call a "job" to allow them to do social entrepreneurship where the people happen to be which is mostly in cities. That way we could "meet up in the middle" with the rest of Open Source Ecology.

We will have complete DIY (do it yourself) instructions for open source hardware complete with open source bill of materials (parts list) so that anyone can replicate our efforts.

Join the community and post in the forums on what you want to see.

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